China and Denmark strengthen cooperation in certification and trade of green food and organic food

Recently, Lao Ensen (Jan O.F.Laustsen), director of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, visited the China Green Food Center and the Green Food Association. Zhang Huarong, director of the center and vice president of the association, met with Lao Ensen and his party. The two sides held discussions on issues of common concern such as strengthening China-Denmark green food and organic food certification and trade cooperation.
Director Zhang Huarong first welcomed the visiting guests of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council on behalf of the center and the association, and introduced the current situation of the development of green food and organic food in my country, the market trade situation and the opportunities and challenges faced under the new situation. Director Zhang pointed out that the center and the association have maintained a good cooperative relationship with the Danish Agriculture and Food Commission for a long time, especially in recent years, within the framework of the memorandum of understanding on cooperation, pragmatic cooperation has been carried out in green organic food certification, product trade, and technical exchanges, which has played a positive role in promoting agricultural cooperation and exchanges between China and Denmark. Denmark has accumulated rich experience in the construction of animal husbandry and agricultural products traceability system, and looks forward to further deepening mutual communication and understanding in the above fields through exchanges, and learning from the experience and good practices of food safety in the whole industry chain of Danish agricultural products. Director Zhang also put forward suggestions for the two sides to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of green food and organic food certification, trade, and technology. Director Laurensen introduced the development of Danish agriculture, especially animal husbandry, and ensuring the safety of livestock products, and agreed to strengthen cooperation between the two sides in the fields of green food and organic food certification, trade, and technology, and hoped that the cooperation between the two sides will continue to make new progress.
The Danish Agriculture and Food Council is an association representing Danish agricultural and food industry enterprises, traders and farmers. Crown Group and Ala Company are important members of the Danish Agriculture and Food Commission. Danish Crown Group is the largest pork producer in Europe and the largest pork exporter in the world. The raw pork produced by it was certified as green food in China in 2013. Ala Company is the largest organic dairy product manufacturer in the world, and its milk powder products were certified as organic food by China Green China Organic Food Certification Center in 2014.
The visit was also attended by Ai Bosheng, Chief Veterinary Officer of the Danish Agriculture and Food Commission, and Lao Jiuchi, Chief Representative of the Representative Office in Beijing and Director of Government Affairs of the Danish Crown Group. Heads of departments and units such as the Audit Office of the Center, the International Cooperation and Information Office, the Secretariat of the Association, and the China Green Huaxia Organic Food Certification Center attended the forum.
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Source: China Food News Network
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