Health trends boost the rapid development of natural products, food and beverage industry these new trends worthy of attention!

As more and more consumers begin to pursue the road to health, food and beverage products that promote sleep, hydration and refreshing emerge in endlessly. Fat-free diets may be a past tense, and the trend of predominantly vegetarian diets will continue. Some companies are innovating to promote changes in the diet system.
Today, Xiaobian introduces the natural products exhibition in Baltimore, USA, to see what are the trends.
Friendly fat.
The days of fat-free biscuits soaked in skim milk are distant memories. Today's consumers will add full butter to their coffee and put guacamole on toast. Jenna Blumenfield, senior food editor at New Hope in New York, says the current ketogenic diet has helped push fat to the forefront. She also affirmed that the trend is driving innovation in food ingredients, such as the Thunderbolt fruit produced in Southeast Asia, which is not only delicious but also contains a lot of fat.
The Lavva plant yogurt at this exhibition is made from thunderbolt fruit with plantains, coconuts and cassava.
Fat Snax, on the other hand, is featuring a low-carb biscuit line made with fatty almond and coconut flour, sweetened with stevia and erythritol.
Seafood Products
Seafood products also face challenges in terms of sustainability. Many emerging brands have therefore launched seafood products that can be tracked throughout. Fishpeople, for example, has made a completely transparent change to the traditional packaging of seafood-its semi-finished clean vegetables, soups and seafood chowder products can be traced back to the fishermen responsible for the catch.
Sustainable species at the lower end of the marine food chain, such as sardines, mollusks and mussels, were also featured at the fair. Patagonia Provisions in South America introduced a range of canned mussels, a blend of Spanish olive oil, mussel puree, vegetables and spices.
In order to attract seafood lovers who are concerned about sustainability, Good Catch has also launched "fish-free tuna" and "crab-free cake" bean products, which are made from a variety of beans.
Let the frozen food "fresh up"
As product developers infuse frozen products with deliciousness and nutrition, a frozen food renaissance is just around the corner. This kind of convenience product can attract consumers who are pressed for time. On the other hand, it also impacts shoppers' perception of its original boredom, softness or unhealthy. Millennials are especially eager to try, Blumenfield said.
Nolita Cauli-Bites is a good example of this, using broccoli, egg whites, cheese, almond flour and seasonings to make potato-free "potato cakes". And Foundry Foods, an innovation incubator backed by Nestle America, is bringing a new wave of traditional frozen food dinners, with emerging brands Wildscape launching single-person meals in transparent bowls and restaurant-inspired recipes such as sweet potatoes, black beans and mangoes, turmeric, farro wheat and toasted coconut.
Due to the simple availability of complex alternatives to meat and dairy products, more and more consumers are opting for plant-based foods and beverages.
"A predominantly vegetarian diet is no longer limited to vegetarians," Ms. Blumenfield said. "More consumers are choosing to eat vegetarian food for a while instead of eating it all the time."
Rising Brew offers a dairy-free nitrogen cold-extract oatmeal latte that is "creamy, slightly sweet and gently smooth".
Giorgio Foods has introduced vegetarian beef jerky, each bag is made of more than half a pound of mushrooms, and flavors include garlic black pepper, sweet golden figs, and Korean chili sesame and ginger.
Mushroom functional drink
Ms. Blumenfeld said that functional mushrooms such as cordyceps and ganoderma lucidum are emerging in new forms that are easy to eat.
Performance Tea offers a wide variety of instant teas including Cordyceps and Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms to help refresh and focus. Four Sigmatic's new golden latte mushroom blend is a blend of coconut milk, turmeric and shiitake mushrooms, and is Blumenfield called a "delicious warm-up drink".
Rising to the challenge is Rising Brewing, which has introduced a dairy-free Nile cold coffee that the company calls "creamy, slightly sweet and refreshing". From the mushroom processing company George Foods, a delicious wild Portabella jerky, each bag contains more than half a pound of mushrooms, with roasted garlic and black pepper, sweet balm and golden figs, sesame ginger and Korean chili.
Elmhurst's new product in 1925 was a peanut protein shake containing 20 grams of vegetable protein and 5 or 6 ingredients. The company has also launched a new barista line of plant-based milk alternatives, suitable for steaming or stirring coffee. Elmhurst has taken root in the dairy industry, but has recently turned to plant-based nuts and cereal "milk".
Innovation of water supplement products
Innovative hydration is flooding the natural product market, overflowing the beverage sector into the health and beauty industry. Some brands have begun to upgrade classic sports drinks by reducing sugar and not adding artificial colors and flavors. The Thirty line Beverages by Recov is a flavored hydrating drink that contains electrolytes and 30 calories per bottle.
Another brand that does water optimization is HyVida, which launched a series of foaming hydrogen-rich water. According to the company, hydrogen helps promote cell recovery, circulation and skin elasticity.
Loco Coffee accelerates hydration by adding coconut water to cold coffee. The company says each 12-ounce can of product contains the potassium equivalent of one banana.
"There is also a portable hydrating powder for natural hydrating products that can be seen at present, like mushrooms, but with electrolytes added." "It's the purified version of sports drinks," Ms. Blumenfeld said."
waste utilization
Manufacturers are tackling the waste problem by converting waste ingredients into functional and nutritious products.
Some brands have made use of traditionally discarded coffee pulp to create medicine rhamnoides tea. Caskai also added bubbles to the drink.
The Brew Dr. Kombucha recently began taking the excess alcohol from fermented tea production and packaging it as a plant spirit marketed under the brand Towshend's Distillery.
And cold-pressed almond juice maker Original Almond converted the byproduct from its beverage manufacturing into a plant-based skincare product, resulting in a sister brand, Clean as Kale.
Compiled by: Yang Ruixing
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