Yunnan old Dianhuang honey edible safety must be controlled from the source

As a kind of natural food, honey is loved by consumers, but apart from the problem of authenticity that makes consumers headache, we should also pay attention to the safety of honey. According to the current consumers' cognition of honey products, it is too early to discuss the safety of honey, because from the perspective of consumers' consumption concept of honey products, it is still at the stage of distinguishing the true from the false. The reason is that, on the one hand, consumers are not familiar with the whole output process of honey products; on the other hand, in order to better adapt to the market, honey enterprises focus on teaching consumers how to distinguish between true and false honey or how to prove that their own honey is real honey, but they avoid talking about the safety of honey.
Honey is different from other foods. On the one hand, it is highly respected by consumers because of its naturalness. On the other hand, it increases many uncontrollable edible risks because of its naturalness. Due to the variety of honeybee nectar plants and the complex production environment, it may lead to toxic substances in honey, which may cause food poisoning. In view of this situation, Xiong Jian, general manager of Yunnan old Dianhuang, believes that the safety of honey consumption must be controlled from the source, from the reflection of honey enterprises themselves, and from the raw materials of honey source areas. this is the key to completely solve the safety of honey consumption.
Xiong Jian believes that the safety of honey consumption is not detected, but the focus is on the control of the source of honey. As the gatekeeper of honey consumption safety, honey enterprises should not only have the ability to ensure the good quality of products, but also the ability to ensure the safety of products.
Old Dian Huang self-built honey source audit system
At the source, "Lao Dian Huang" has set up a set of standards for auditing honey sources. Good honey source will produce good honey. Xiong Jian clearly knows the importance of honey source's influence on honey quality, which is also the original node to solve the problem of honey eating safety. For the screening requirements of honey source land, in addition to several major indicators (latitude, temperature, humidity, altitude, light duration, high mountain terrain) that are conventionally used to judge the quality of honey source land, the most important thing is to ensure the environment of honey source land and ensure that there is no pollution source around.
Old Dianhuang is equipped with professional breeding technicians
At the source, there is a more important part is to improve the breeding technology of bee farmers. Beekeepers are the closest people to honey, but they are also the people who are most likely to harm bees. Because of the limited breeding technology, small bee farmers have very limited ability to control bee community diseases. On the one hand, they use a large number of antibiotics to control bee community diseases, polluting honey from the source. On the other hand, honey production is also directly related to breeding technology. Poor breeding technology can't increase honey production, which is easy to increase the risk of adulteration by bee farmers in pursuit of economic benefits.
Product inspection is a protective wall
For honey enterprises, in order to achieve real honey food safety, the last step is product testing, from the detection of raw materials to the detection of production to the detection of finished products. Xiong Jian believes that if controlling the source of honey is an invisible protective shield for the safety of honey consumption, then the quality inspection of honey products in all aspects is a visible protective wall. This wall is a barrier for enterprises that do not have any awareness of honey eating safety, and it is a protective wall for enterprises that value honey eating safety.
Based in Yunnan, "Old Dian Huang" is guided by the spirit of bee farmers in the mountains, abides by the authenticity of every drop of honey, and insists on making safe honey for consumers to eat at ease. Xiong Jian said: "To be a good honey that is safe to eat, if you don't go into the mountains to practice, it will be difficult to achieve real results."
(Yu Xuejun)
Source: China Food News
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