Five Foods to Improve Rough Skin with White, Light and Red Skin

Having a fair and smooth face and ruddy and delicate skin is the dream of all women! However, if God does not let you get what you want, if rough dry skin is plagued by the desire for beautiful you, what should you do? Why don't you ask food to help! Maybe you don't know, in the natural food, with the maintenance of the skin and improve the effect of rough skin there are many kinds of food. Today, for female friends to introduce several clinically proven effective diet and beauty method. Take a look together!
1. Plum-Nourish the dry horniness of rough skin
With plum to deal with rough skin, or eat or paint are quite effective, no wonder it has been regarded as a beauty since ancient times. Plum for coating, not only can improve the skin roughness, but also can treat skin diseases. If the bubble salted plum dry wine, the effect is better. The specific method is: 2-3 dried salted plum soak a glass of sake, just soak for a week. When taking a bath, take the soaked wine and massage the skin carefully, which can nourish the dry cutin of the skin. After a period of time, the skin will gradually become smooth and delicate.
2. sweet potato-activate the cell function of rough skin
Sweet potato moisturizes the skin and makes rough skin smooth. Like other greens, sweet potatoes are rich in nourishing, strengthening mucin and enzymes. These ingredients can make cell function activity, enhance metabolism, thereby strengthening the gastrointestinal, promote digestion, improve the skin roughness caused by constipation. Therefore, regular consumption of sweet potato is an effective diet and beauty method.
3. lotus root-promote the metabolism of rough skin
Lotus root is not only rich in vitamin c and minerals, its hemostatic effect is also well known. Recently, it has been proved that lotus root is beneficial to the heart, has the effect of promoting metabolism and preventing rough skin. The lotus root porridge is especially effective. If it is combined with lotus seeds, the effect is better. The specific method is to add 30 grams of lotus root when cooking the porridge.
4. fungus-purifying impurities and toxins in the blood of rough skin
Fungus is rich in vitamins and minerals, has the effect of purifying the blood, is a good skin food. Since ancient times, China has regarded it as a holy product of anti-aging, longevity, nourishment, strength and beauty and skin care. Fungus also has a lot of food fiber, which is very suitable for people who have rough skin due to constipation. Fried or soup can be, can eat more, if with agaric and red dates fried juice, the effect can be doubled.
5. sesame-improve rough skin peripheral vascular circulation
It is said that Empress Dowager Cixi loves to eat sesame seeds in order to maintain beautiful skin. Even now, women like to drink sesame seeds with water and honey. In fact, from the point of view of modern nutrition, sesame is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin e, which can improve the peripheral vascular circulation and make the skin soft. It is a food that must be eaten by those with rough skin. It is recommended that those who suffer from rough skin can drink some sesame tea every day. In the long run, the skin will slowly become moist and shiny.
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