Application Prospect of Natural Fruit and Vegetable Powder-Big Health Food Raw Material

The total area and total output of fruits in China have been ranked first in the world. The total amount of fruits in the country is 270 million tons, of which melons, pears and other categories account for more than 64% of the global output. However, due to the large loss of fruits and vegetables in China, and the processing and conversion capacity of fruits is lower than that of developed countries. At the same time, the traditional processing methods, the added value of goods is low, more and more can not meet the needs of modern social market.
Therefore, fruit and vegetable powder processing as a new type of processing with the needs of modern food industry progress quietly emerging.
1. international and domestic processing status of fruit and vegetable powder: at present, advanced fruit and vegetable powder processing in developed countries has developed in the direction of low temperature and frozen ultra-fine grinding, realizing full-effect utilization, more convenient to use, more retained nutrients, and easier for the human body to absorb, digest and utilize. The late start of fruit processing in China, the simple production conditions of processing enterprises, and the backward processing technology and technology have always restricted the development of fruit and vegetable processing in China.
Processing technology of 2. fruit and vegetable powder.
3. the main application areas; because the fruit and vegetable powder can be very good to maintain the original fruit flavor and nutrients,
As a functional food raw material, can significantly improve the product taste, flavor, and color, improve the product
The value.
1. Beverage industry
With the development of the food and beverage industry, it can be added as a fruit-flavored beverage, yogurt, etc., to increase the taste and color of the product. As a beverage, it has the characteristics of "four", "three low", "two high" and "one nothing. "Four" is diversification, simplicity, health care, practical. "Three low" that is low fat, low cholesterol, low sugar. "Two high" that is high protein, high dietary fiber. "Nothing" means no preservatives, pigments, flavors, etc.
2. Functional solid meal replacement powder
Because the fruit and vegetable powder is a natural fruit and vegetable concentrated and refined, rich in various dietary fiber, trace elements, etc., can be used as a functional meal replacement powder to add, increase satiety, supplement the nutrients needed by the body, play the effect of meal replacement, and has the characteristics of good taste.
3. Baking Food
Can be used as a natural colorant with low sugar, low fat, low calorie, can be used for baking cakes, biscuits, etc., to increase the selling point of the product.
Fruit and vegetable powder products: with bright color, good taste, instant and other characteristics, widely used in a variety of meal replacement powder solid drinks, cakes and so on.
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