Some "unhealthy" foods are drifting away

Iron stores, flowing goods. In the era of unprecedented variety of food consumption, under the guidance of consumers' healthy consumption tendency, some products are gradually away from people's sight, and the past scenery has become a thing of the past.
Who are health trends abandoning?
Nowadays, in the food industry, there seems to be a consensus: whoever does not catch the "healthy" shuttle bus is likely to be quickly expelled from the fast-food market.
The data shows that the market share of fast-food products in my country's urban areas has exceeded one trillion, and many companies that are "hindsight" about healthy eating trends, including international giants such as Coca-Cola, have very bad performance reports, and even some mess.
According to data released by Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola's net income fell rarely last year, and the proportion was staggering: 15%.
Not only Coca-Cola, it seems that overnight, all carbonated drinks are no longer "welcome" by consumers ".
In addition to carbonated drinks, sales of chewing gum, candy and chocolate have also declined to varying degrees. Data show that in 2016 and 2017, the sales of chewing gum in China fell by 14%, the sales of candy fell by 4%, and the sales of chocolate fell by 6%.
It is obvious that carbonated drinks and "unhealthy" foods containing sugar are becoming outcasts in the fast-moving consumer goods market.
"Milk" "water" increased significantly
While carbonated drinks and sugary foods are deteriorating, healthy foods are on the rise rapidly.
To some extent, health seems to be equal to "health", just as wolfberry seems to have become a representative of health products. However, in the fast-moving consumer goods market, in addition to the original ecological Chinese wolfberry, what is the product with the most obvious increase in sales?
Official data show that in the last two years, sales of yogurt and bottled water have increased by more than 10%. Investigating the reason, commentators said that consumers believe that these two products are healthier and will not induce obesity, diabetes and other diseases.
Under the guidance of the trend of healthy diet, consumers not only like to drink milk and water, but also like to drink fruit juice.
Data show that China's local fruit juice brands are strongly regaining the market share occupied by foreign carbonated beverage brands for many years.
In addition, the data of the takeaway industry also fully confirms the trend of healthy eating. According to US takeout data, salad orders rose 160 per cent from April to June this year compared with the same period last year.
Imports of fruit also saw a surge. Data show that in 2017, my country's total imported fruit was nearly US $60 billion, a year-on-year increase of 25%.
Accelerated transformation of related products
Although Coke Zero has made Coca-Cola popular for a while, it doesn't seem to have stirred up much in the market.
Faced with the poor performance of the carbonated beverage market, since last year, Coca-Cola has launched Sprite Zero and Sprite fiber, and claims that Sprite fiber contains dietary fiber equivalent to two apples.
In addition, the carbonated beverage giant also bought a stake in a local Chinese yogurt brand, the official reason for the deal is to "get healthier".
However, for the various actions of established companies, consumers do not seem to have much touch.
A consumer interviewed believes that even if carbonated drinks are not healthy enough, they should not disappear from the market for a long time.
As for the transformation, many consumers think that instead of drinking drinks containing apple fiber, it is better to eat some fruit directly. Even if they drink juice, they seem to prefer the products of established juice companies.
(Source: Consumer Daily Network Author: Zhang Lina)
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