Science and Technology Project of Nutrition and Health Food Released by Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology

Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and help the development of the big health industry. On August 3, the high temperature of 35 ℃ in Beijing failed to stop entrepreneurs in the investment, financial and agricultural products processing fields. With a common goal, they participated in the 2018 Chinese Agricultural Nutrition and Healthy Food Technology Investment Roadshow hosted by the Institute of Agricultural Products Processing, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The agricultural product processing industry is the main body and symbol of modern agriculture, and the Agricultural Product Processing Institute is the only national scientific research unit in this field. 11 national food science and technology projects, such as "potato staple food series products and equipment", "Dendrobium processing technology and nutritional function series products based on enteral nutrition" and "portable peanut quality rapid detection technology and equipment", have attracted the attention of domestic and foreign investment circles, financial circles and agricultural products processing industry.
"In 2020, China's per capita GDP will cross the $10000 mark and enter a new era of nutrition and health in an all-round way, and the next 30 years will be a golden, strategic and critical period for the development of China's agricultural product processing industry. In this critical period, China's nutrition and health industry faces many opportunities." Dai Xiaofeng, director of the Agricultural products processing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, introduced the development status and investment opportunities of the nutrition and health industry from different angles under the title of "the essence of modern agricultural nutrition and health and personalized and accurate nutrition". It also brought inspiration and ideas to many investors present.
The judges invited to the project include Wang Daqing, former chairman of the board of supervisors of Pacific Securities, Xie Chungang, executive director of Fengjing (Beijing) Asset Management Co., Ltd., Su Peike, special commentator of the Central Financial Channel, and Zhang Xiaolin, director of the Center of COFCO Nutrition Research Institute. In addition, representatives from traditional financial institutions, industry guidance funds, equity private equity funds, angel investment funds and other investment institutions and related enterprises attended the project conference.
Market Scale of Potato Staple Food Products in 2025 Nearly 60 billion Yuan
"Since 2015, when the state proposed to develop potato as the fourth major staple food for industrial development, it has developed more than 300 new potato staple products in six categories to meet the needs of different consumer groups; it has applied for more than 120 patents, authorized more than 40 invention patents, formulated more than 10 standards, and completed the all-round layout of intellectual property rights. Third-party organizations have evaluated that the overall technological level is internationally leading and that innovations have been industrialized in many parts of the country." Zhang Hong, a researcher at the Agricultural products processing Research Institute and chief scientist of the National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Project Innovation team, released the "Potato staple Food Series products and equipment" project on the spot.
Zhang Hong introduced that potatoes have the highest nutritional equivalent among the four major staple foods, and are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber needed by the human body. The market demand for the staple food processing industry is stable, the scale is huge, and the growth rate leads the entire agricultural product processing industry.
Although the potato industry has such a good development prospect, its industrial pain points can not be ignored. Zhang Hong believes that, first, there is a lack of special raw materials for staple foods, and there is an urgent need for a subversive technological revolution; second, Western-style products such as French fries have a single variety, high calories, and low nutritional value; third, there is a lack of production of staple foods suitable for Chinese eating habits and taste preferences. Product technology, technology and equipment.
Zhang Hong introduced to the investment company a new type of nutritious staple food product developed and produced using original technology, which is suitable for Chinese consumption habits and taste preferences, using potatoes (whole flour, potato paste, potato pulp, fresh potato) as the main raw material. Potato has gradually shifted from non-staple food consumption, raw material products, food and clothing consumption to staple food consumption, industrial products, nutrition and health consumption, and turned to "nutrition potato, health potato, wealth potato.
Zhang Hong believes that by 2025, potato staple food products will gradually occupy 20% of the staple food market, with a market size of nearly 60 billion yuan.
The reporter saw in the on-site results tasting exhibition area that a variety of steamed buns, noodles, cakes and snack foods made of potato flour were dazzling. It is understood that these products are Zhang Hong team independent research and development, cooperative production.
The automation of Chinese dishes solves the puzzle of who will cook.
With the increasing pace of life and work in modern society, "who will cook" has become a realistic problem for a family. The "Chinese cuisine automation project whole process solution" issued by Zhang Chunjiang, associate researcher of Agricultural Products Processing Research Institute and backbone of Chinese food processing and equipment innovation team of national agricultural science and technology innovation project, effectively solved this problem.
According to Zhang Chunjiang, at present, there are more than 18000 kinds of Chinese dishes, and the annual conversion of agricultural products exceeds 1 billion tons; there are more than 1400 Chinese dish processing enterprises and more than 2.4 million Chinese food enterprises; the annual output value will exceed 5 trillion yuan, with large quantity, wide range, high consumption frequency and stable market.
Chinese dishes are the largest category of food consumption in China, and the market prospect is broad. The Chinese food innovation team of the Agricultural Products Processing Research Institute has developed more than 60 patented technologies and equipment such as fast pickling and flavor, superheated steam conditioning, high barrier packaging, film-free packaging, bimodal temperature sterilization, FRH efficient self-heating, etc. It has developed more than 100 kinds of Chinese dishes such as film-free packaging products, room temperature long shelf life products, disaster prevention and emergency and field self-heating products, and special products for diabetic people, realizing industrial production, it can meet the needs of different consumption scenarios such as families, restaurants, canteens, travel, tourism, emergency relief, and military activities.
One of the highlights of the whole-process solution technology for automated production is the adoption of industrialized and automated processing technology to increase production efficiency by more than 33 times; save labor by 3/4, improve product quality, and extend shelf life by 11 times; adopt rational formula design, meat and vegetables, Adopt new healthy cooking technology to improve the nutritional value of products.
Peanut quality can be quickly detected
The team of researcher Wang Qiang, chief expert of the national key research and development program (basic class), released the project of "portable peanut quality rapid detection technology and equipment.
The portable peanut quality speed tester overcomes the problems of time-consuming and laborious determination by chemical methods, difficult to carry and transport by destroying samples and desktop near-infrared equipment, and expensive equipment. The equipment is equipped with a military-grade detection lens for spectral data acquisition, using eccentric design to ensure the accuracy of the data. Development of peanut single grain detection accessories and sample cups to meet the requirements of breeding experts and peanut enterprise acquisition.
The aviation material box design of the detection equipment has anti-collision, waterproof and dustproof functions, which is convenient to carry and transport. The analysis software has a humanized operation interface and a peanut quality model (moisture, fat, protein, oleic acid, amino acid, and the test results are equivalent to chemical methods), and the operation is simple and fast.
The equipment has the technical advantages of simplicity, green, high efficiency and low price. The instrument is simple to operate and can save 80% of staffing. No chemical reagents are used in the use process, which is safe, green and pollution-free. Compared with the traditional method, the determination speed is faster, and it only takes 5 minutes to analyze the content of main components in peanuts. Compared with traditional equipment, it has high cost performance. One equipment can simultaneously measure multiple component indexes, and the cost of equipment is reduced.
In addition, food science and technology projects such as "Dendrobium processing technology and nutritional function series products based on enteral nutrition", "sweet potato stem and leaf green juice powder and polyphenol series products production technology", "gluten-free ready-to-eat microwave corn sponge cake engineering whole-process solution" and "new series of nutritional products based on semi-defatted peanut processing technology" and "zero-added oat milk processing technology and equipment" were also released on the site.
Dai Xiaofeng said that accelerating the transformation of scientific research results and realizing innovation-driven has become an important engine for the rapid and healthy development of my country's agricultural product processing industry.
Our reporter Wang Xiaoxuan
Source: China Food News Network