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Why did you attend the NFBE professional meeting?
The International Natural Food and Beverage Exposition (NFBE), sponsored by the Chinese Pharmaceutical Exchange, aims to build an excellent trade cooperation platform in the field of high-end natural food and beverage. It aims to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign food producers, processing enterprises, traders and related processing equipment manufacturers, and to open up a wide range of domestic and foreign food. Product market resources. Since its inception, NFBE has attracted tens of thousands of spectators from home and abroad by combining the professional audience resources of the National Drug Fair (PHARMCHINA) and the China Health and Nutrition Exposition (NHNE).
On December 4-6, 2018, the China Import and Export Commodity Fair, the International Natural Food and Beverage Exposition (NFBE) will be held in conjunction with the resources of the 8th China Health and Nutrition Exposition (NHNE) to invite industry leaders and experts to share food industry hot spots and latest food market information and development trends. In the 20-odd industry conferences, you will discuss with tens of thousands of industry representatives the analysis and exploration of the food industry, with the health industry as the core, to achieve the organic integration of food and health nutrition.
A keynote speech
Policy interpretation, industry application, strategy exploration, enterprise capital and market segmentation.
Heavyweight attendees
Business leaders, cutting-edge enterprises, industry representatives, senior academicians, top technology coffee
Exhibition of frontiers
New enterprise, all field products, health interaction experience
Social media experience
Innovative product award, international product tour, TAP invited buyers professional services
Influential industry conference
50 + media exposure, 100 + keynote speech, 200 + industry leaders, 1,000 + attendees at home and abroad, 120,000 + visitors
Welcome to the international natural food and beverage Expo (NFBE).